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Worth County Library offers over 40,000 books, movies, and magazines in print as well as digital eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines, music and movies. In addition to these items, you can check out Chromebooks, launchpads, tablets, experience passes, kits, pickleball sets and a telescope with your PINES library card.

All items check out for 2 weeks with 2 renewals. The only exceptions are the state passes which check out for 7 days with 1 renewal. 

Effective October 26, 2023, MJPL went fine free and will no longer charge overdue fines for items owned by MJPL except experience passes.  Fine free does not mean fee free. Patrons will still be responsible for returning checked out items to the library as well as paying for damaged items. 
Fine Free FAQs
What does fine free mean?

Fine free means that we won't charge you late fines on books and movies that we own.

What items are not fine free?

Anything that is not a MJPL-owned item will still be subject to late fees. Items that will accrue late fees are marked on your receipt at checkout.

Are there still due dates on items?
Yes, materials you check out have due dates.  We expect you to return or renew materials on time as others are often waiting to enjoy these items too. We send out due date reminders to borrowers. Please make sure your contact information in your account is current so you don't miss these alert messages.
What if I do not bring back an item to the library?
We charge a replacement cost on any item that is not returned. All you have to do is return your items and you won't be charged anything.
Why did the library decide to go fine free?
Overdue fines are a major barrier to large numbers of people, including children, lower-income individuals and seniors on fixed incomes. Often, when overdue fines accumulate on someone's card, they stop using the library all together. That is the opposite of what we want. We want all members of the community to use the library equally.
Will the library lose a lot of money by not charging fines?
No. Fines represent less than 1% of our operating budget.
What happens to the fines already on my account?
We have wiped overdue fines off library accounts for a fresh start. If you have items, you are still expected to return them to the library or pay the replacement cost for the item. As long as we get back the item from you in good condition, the replacement fees are removed from your account.